Communication. Straight-talk. Clarity.

Simplifying tricky, scientific or technical subjects

If you’ve got a message to get across so that the right people hear it, understand it and respond to it, Suzy (Suzanne) Cooper (that’s me!) from Sidecar Studio can help. I apply ideas from a range of industries and disciplines to make even serious or complicated subjects easily understood, whether you’re presenting a recommendation to your board of directors, training your staff to use a new computer system or persuading your customers to do something new.

I can distil huge amounts of information into actionable steps or digestible pieces of information. I’m  comfortable working on computer or information projects, analysing business processes, developing communication strategies and tactics or working out new ways to talk to the human beings who deal with or work within your organisation.

Individual coaching: Find your voice. Learn to write and speak like a human being.

Would you love to write professionally, while still sounding like yourself? It’s absolutely possible. Would you also like to make writing for work easier and more effective? I can teach you that too. Let me share tips and tricks used by professional writers, editors, web content writers and advertisers to develop a distinctive writing voice, find a ‘hook’ that gets your readers interested, and get your documents out the door more quickly.

Best of all, I’ll teach you to do it your own way, by providing you with your choice of tools and tailoring them to suit your style.

Stop wasting time and getting stressed writing reports and emails and documents. Don’t spend money on consultants when you can develop the skills to get your ideas across yourself.

Learning to communicate better has various knock-on effects: in your work life, your efficiency and productivity, in your job satisfaction and, surprisingly, in your personal life. The clarity that comes with a new way of thinking spills over into new ways of working and relating to others. It’s powerful to find your voice.

Up-skill while working on real projects

In our regular coaching sessions we can work on one of your current projects. I’ll provide feedback to help you to identify and hone your voice and style. You’ll improve your writing skills while working on real jobs, enjoy the benefit of a editor’s input to sharpen up your work, learn some tips and tricks professional writers use, and have a few laughs along the way. Rather than making your job take longer, you’ll usually find you get it out the door more quickly, with a better finished product. Plus you’ll have acquired new skills you can put to use immediately.

Bonus skills: taming Microsoft Word, reducing the amount of your time that’s wasted through ineffective emails, working out what your boss needs and delivering the goods, avoiding meetings, finishing reports quickly, giving presentations people actually enjoy and remember, and having fierce conversations where you can be authentic and empathetic yet firm.

Communications consultancy: simpler, faster and more effective business communications

I can help your work teams to communicate more effectively. Communication isn’t just talking, listening or writing a newsletter. It’s about your people finding common sense ways to respond to various problems, so they’re solved quickly and with minimal stress. You might find that the people who work for you need to learn how to deal with recurring problems within a particular team, customers who are complaining about the same things over and over, repeated requests from senior management for different information that underpins the decisions they make, or staff who are finding it hard to work with a new computer system.

About Sidecar

Suzy (Suzanne) Cooper has been a communications consultant since the early 2000s. She’s applied her straight-talking pragmatism to jobs involving business process analysis for software implementations, wrangling enormous documents for huge corporations, running workshops to gather system requirements and writing documents on the spot, technical writing to explain how to use computer systems, training, change management, creative copy-writing for an advertising agency, and writing engaging copy for web and social media. She also works as an editor, coaches writers, and has tutored adults in literacy programs and English programs for speakers of other languages.

Suzy loves helping people to develop the best systems and processes to support their decision making, often bringing in novel ideas from unexpected places. She enjoys demystifying scientific, technical and tricky subjects so regular people understand them and use the information.

She’s worked in a range of industries, at all levels from the board of directors to the people who deal directly with your customers or stakeholders.

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