Sidecar Studio is run by Suzy (Suzanne) Cooper. She’s been a communications consultant since the early 2000s,  applying her straight-talking pragmatism to jobs involving business process analysis for software implementations, wrangling enormous documents for huge corporations, running workshops to gather system requirements and writing documents on the spot, technical writing to explain how to use computer systems, training delivery, change management and writing engaging copy for web and social media. She loves demystifying difficult concepts and displaying ideas graphically during meetings, so everyone can contribute and feel heard. She also works as an editor, coaches writers, and has tutored adults in literacy programs and English programs for speakers of other languages.

Suzy loves helping people to develop the best systems and processes to support their decision making, often bringing in novel ideas from unexpected places. She enjoys demystifying scientific, technical and tricky subjects so the information gets to the right people.

Suzy’s based in Hobart, Australia, and has worked in a range of industries all over Australia, at all levels, from the board of directors to the people who deal directly with your customers or stakeholders.

If you’d like more information, please see Suzy Cooper’s LinkedIn profile.