Communication design – aka Customer Love

Rachel Andrew wanted several things:
1) to make her new clients feel welcome and at ease 2) to answer their concerns about their first appointment, 3) to give them information about their condition in manageable chunks, 4) to do all this while sounding like herself and using humour.

Using Rachel’s knowledge and resources I designed a series of personalised emails that use her unique voice and sense of humour to communicate about very sensitive topics. The communications used some left-of-center images and colour within a structured and professional design.

Rachel’s had terrific feedback from clients who’ve never before experienced such personal and empowering medical care.

NEAThouse engaged me to write personalised email postcards to their clients and suppliers. Together we developed some beautiful materials that used their friendly and authentic voices to talk about what’s important to their building company.


I designed and managed my own successful political campaign for election to a capital city council. This involved identifying the people with similar values and talking to them using my own voice, with novel and highly personalised communications (including a love poem to the city as my campaign poster). The campaign rolled out over a year and was a lot more fun than being a politician was.

Personal branding

A local executive consultant asked me to develop her personal brand – working out which colours make her look and feel credible, approachable and energised. We applied her very best colours to her company colour scheme. As someone who doesn’t love shopping or makeup it was a pleasure to help her to look terrific by using colours that reflect the qualities of her own colouring and personality.

The colour analysis experience was eye-opening and fun! As a busy mum and entrepreneur I wanted to look like the best version of myself, with the least effort. Thanks, Suzy!


Speaking, presenting and facilitating

I had a terrific night MCing at the Tasmanian Architecture Awards 2019. My clients were pleased that I kept to the tight schedule with a large number of awards, while keeping things warm and friendly.

I recently presented a funny and practical workshop on ‘Looking like yourself at work’ to staff members who work in a corporate environment that requires them to interact with many different kinds of people in the course of a single day.

We discussed the tricky business of expressing your personality while still looking professional and ensuring that you’re heard.

I presented a one hour talk and discussion on the subject How to have difficult conversations for the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT). I communicated some powerful concepts to enable decision-makers to reduce their own stress while making some small but effective changes to shift the dynamics within relationships that result in difficult conversations.


I’ve been editing manuscripts for the Lost Rocks project since 2017. So far, we’ve published 26 books. I love seeing all the ways different writers ‘recompose’ their rocks into text and sometimes images. It’s such a buzz to work on this with prolific artists Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward.

My background as a geologist and editor made me doubly interested in this project.

Lost Rocks is an ambitious, slow-publishing artwork – a library of forty books, four books published twice yearly over five years.

Conglomerate – Ben Walter

Interviews and profile-writing

I recently worked with HitSend to interview medical researchers at the University of Tasmania and write engaging profiles about their work.

I love the process of interviewing people who love what they do and finding the fascinating insights that tell us who they are and why their work is essential.